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Retro Overload: A Look at the Current Hollywood Think Tank

The past decade has been an interesting, if not predictable time in Hollywood.  The rise of the comic book genre has surpassed anyone’s expectations and the insistence on sticking with known brands has become the norm.   Hollywood is stuck … Continue reading

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Trump and The Oscars: A Dream Partnership

There has been a slew of complaints and boycotts over the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences inability to diversify the nominations.  A lot of the complaints have been poorly presented and reactionary without addressing the actual issue: the … Continue reading

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The Disappointing Reveal of Awards Shows

Personally, I want Ricky Gervais to host everything.  Awards shows, talk shows, hell, even telethons (send us your drug money you wankers!).  If one thing was clear about the Golden Globes last night, it was that shows like this need … Continue reading

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League Minimum – A Screenplay

Remember when sports comedies were not only regular releases by film studios but the most quotable films around? Hell, Kevin Costner appeared in most of them! I still spend a good chunk of my days quoting lines from Bull Durham, … Continue reading

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