Tuesday Ramblings – August 11, 2015: Jays On A Roll & The Price Was Right

Happy Trade Deadline everyone! It’s like Christmas but it keeps on giving!

It took five years, nine months and twenty four days for Alex Anthopoulos to make an important trade deadline deal…and he followed it up with an even bigger one.  Getting Tulowitzki was a massive win but getting David Price…there are no words.  After years of floundering deals that never panned out, the team was finally good enough to pull the trigger and use some of the prospect commodity that was sitting in the minors.  The result has been more than spectacular, more than surprising, it’s been…un-f**king-believable! When we got Price the Jays were 8 games back and around .500.  This led people to wonder what the hell he was thinking.  For me, I knew it meant we were getting a Wild Card spot but I never imagined this.  The Jays are now favorable to take the division.  The Yankees don’t have the starting pitching, especially while Pineda is hurt, and the Jays chemistry keeps getting better.  Marcus Estrada battling Mark Buerhle as the true number two starter? Who would have thought? The Tulo-Donaldson-Bautista-Encarnacion lineup competing with the old WAMCO one? Although to a lesser degree, absolutely.  Price has made the starters better who have made the bullpen better who have made the defense better which pumps up the offense and the circle continues.  It’s already a dream after a 22-year nightmare.

David Price is by far the best overall starting pitcher in the AL.  He’s vicious.  He’s the guy they’ve been waiting for since Roy Halladay was traded in 2009 and he’s the guy the Jays should offer the world to get him to stay.  $30-million per season? Done. Seven years plus an option? Okay. Car service every day? Check. Multi-million dollar residence? Any size you want.  Even Kevin Durant was excited about the trade and with the potential of Price re-signing and Durant coming to the Raptors in 2016, the thought of those two co-existing in this city is almost too good to be true.   But not ridiculous.  If the Jays win this year with Price, they have at least a decent shot of re-signing him.  The core of the team (Tulo, Donaldson, Bautista, Edwin, Martin) are all back next year and beyond.  That’s a big step.  The rest is just money and Rogers has lots of that so it comes down to where Price wants to play.  Jack Morris came here in 1992 because he knew the Jays were on the verge.  Hopefully Price feels the same way.  I know the city does right now.

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