Pre-Christmas Ramblings – Dec 22, 2014: Lions Clinch, Raps Remain Burning Hot and Leafs Take A Step Back (Again)

Before I get into the new stuff, I was pretty harsh on Phillip Rivers for the way he was playing. I’ve now heard that he has been playing with a herniated disc and receiving epidurals before games to numb the pain. That explains his reluctance to slide, dive or even run hard on the scramble plays. Jury’s still out on the Chargers but Rivers is definitely a tough dude. Now on to the good stuff…

The Lions are 11-4 and clinched a playoff spot after the Eagles got beat by the Redskins. Now Philly is the odd man out after it looked like they would take the division. Lions are currently leading the NFC North over the Packers with a showdown in Lambeau coming next Sunday. That’s a tough place to play but we’ve already beat the Pack once this season and their offense was less than impressive yesterday in Tampa against a terrible Bucs team. Problem is that the Lions offense has looked pretty bad the past two weeks. Better get it fixed before they head up to the frozen tundra in Green Bay. Either way, Lions are in the playoffs and have won 11 for the first time since 1991 when they went on their magical “For Utley” streak. Let’s take the North boys!

The Raps are just incredible this season. They are taking care of business even without Demar. They have won six in a row and are beating the teams they are supposed to beat. Some of the wins have been ugly but in a business of winning, they are doing what needs to be done. Landry Fields was the latest injured Raptor when he cracked his head open in Detroit on Friday. There was a lot of blood on the court but after 8 stitches he is apparently okay. He was replacing Demar in the starting lineup so if Landry is out, next man up. That’s the beauty of this team with this kind of depth. The real test starts tomorrow when they go on a brutal six game road trip. If they come back 3-3 or better, this really is an impressive team. All I want for Christmas is a 6-0 road trip!

The Leafs are at it again. After a 10-1-1 streak they have lost 3 in a row and in those games been pounded by a combined score of 15-5. Everything they seemed to be doing right during the streak has gone away and they again look like the team that got hammered 9-2 by Nashville. It is not sustainable to have ten game clips of brilliance followed by three game clips of mental implosion. This is not an overly talented team so they have to beat teams on work ethic and smarts. Right now they have neither and are putting themselves in a tough position to make the playoffs. Season’s not even half over so they need to come back from the Christmas break with all cylinders firing. If not, there will most likely be some firing of a different kind.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2015.

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