Friday Ramblings – Nov 21, 2014: Raiders Win, Toronto Media Loses & Bills Get Snowed Out

Damn you Raiders! You could have done it. Going 0-16 would have been much better than 1-15. You may have just cost yourself the 1st overall pick. If Jacksonville stays the course they will also finish 1-15. I know it is better karma to end a losing streak (which was 16 games with their last win over a year ago) but sometimes you just got to stick it out. By no means did the Raiders win this game as much as the Chiefs lost it. When the Raiders sacked Alex Smith late in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs lined up quickly after that and two of the Raiders young defensive players were still doing the shimmy-shake with their backs to the Chiefs. The Raiders called a timeout just before the ball was snapped (and a very generous call as one of the refs thought the snap got off in time) which would have given the Chiefs a first down around mid-field with about 45 seconds to play. If losing is a culture, we can all learn a lot from the Raiders. Here’s hoping you get that first pick and clean up this mess.

Anyone who knows the Toronto sports scene knows what a mess it has been for a long time. There is also no denying that the media are the main contributors to this sports scene. Case in point, after the Raptors beat the Grizzlies on Wednesday night in what was, in my opinion, the BEST game of the year, it’s all that should have been talked about the next morning on sports radio. Instead, both local stations were still railing against the Leafs 9-2 blowout two nights earlier and if it was a bad thing for Brendan Shanahan not to talk to the media and calm everyone down. This is why there are so many massive corporate sponsors on the Leafs bandwagon. Even when the one good team in the city plays their hearts out and extends their conference lead, all the pundits and blowhards want to talk about is what’s wrong with the Leafs. It’s been almost 50 years people, there will not be a Stanley Cup in this city for the next five years so let’s just leave it alone and concentrate on the teams that have been trying to create winning traditions. I can see it now, the Raptors win the NBA Championship and the next morning the radio topic is…”how will the Leafs improve next season to parallel the Raptors?” Sad but true.

So, Buffalo got a little snow. So much that the Jets-Bills game will now be played in…Detroit? On Monday night? Yup, the game has been moved to Ford Field, the second time Ford Field has hosted a neutral site game in the past four years (Giants-Vikings played there in 2010 after the Metrodome roof collapsed due to snow). A couple of strange instances about the game moving to Detroit. The Bills beat the Lions 17-14 there in week 5 (I was at that excuse for a game) so if Buffalo wins on Monday, should they consider a permanent move? It can work the way the Giants and Jets share Met Life Stadium and the money infusion to the greater Detroit area would be welcome. They could be the Buffalo Bills of Detroit (you know, like the LA Angels of Anaheim?). The Bills never won a regular season game in Toronto so this could be the partnership they’ve been waiting for. The other thing is that former Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is the Bills D-coordinator and after that win in October he was cheesily carried off the field by the Bills defense (like it was him and not Mario Williams that had the greatest impact that day). Since the Bills are the home team, Schwartz would have access to the same facilities he had as head coach for 5 years. Hopefully he doesn’t slip on Caldwell’s shower shoes and use the same bar of soap in his shower because that would be weird.

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