Monday Ramblings Nov 10, 2014: My Unicorn Weekend Achieved, Bills Out of Toronto and the Hottest Sports Anchors

The question has been asked many times: Do Unicorns exist? The answer is usually no. But I can now dispute that after this past weekend. My sports teams went a combined 6-0! The Leafs won twice, the Raps won twice, Penn State knocked off Indiana and the Lions won their 4th in a row! As a Toronto sports fan, that is categorized as a “Unicorn Weekend” because it never happens.

The Raps were completely dominant in their 2 games beating the Wizards 103-84 and the lowly 76ers 120-88 (can’t believe they allowed 88!) and improved to 6-1, good for 1st place in the Eastern Conference. I know it’s early in the season but this team is looking more and more like it has taken the next step. Amir and JV are back and Lou Williams and James Johnson were the perfect off-season acquisitions. Even T-Ross is looking good (although he’s just keeping a spot warm for KD in 2016!). They have bought into Casey’s philosophy on D and they look almost unbeatable right now. They are 2 games into a 7-game home stand and things have not looked this good in a long time (except for Drake, what’s the deal with those glasses?)

The Leafs beat two legitimate teams again in the NY Rangers and Ottawa Senators and the key was 31 shots and 30 shots on net respectively against each team. You pound the net, the puck is going in. Simple as that. Clarkson continues to be a difference maker scoring again last night and being a presence on the ice. Carlyle split the starts between his goalies and got solid performances from both so maybe the competition is a good thing. The Leafs have remained in the Wild Card standings by a point over Ottawa so there is a lot of work ahead but it’s a good sign.

What can I say about the Detroit Lions? 7-2 through week 10, their 4th win in a row and 3rd comeback win in a row. Megatron was back and had a huge 50-yard TD catch and the offense was calm and collected as they marched down the field behind 16-13 with a few minutes left. The Jim Caldwell effect on Stafford is more impressive every week. No forcing throws or making dumb plays. Staff is calm and confident and looks like the elite QB that the Lions drafted 1st overall in 2009. The best part about it is the idiots who projected the Lions would only win 4-5 games this season even with Stafford, Megatron, Golden Tate, Reggie Bush, Suh, Fairley and the rest under Caldwell’s control with young, aggressive coordinators. Those players and coaching change alone deserved the benefit of the doubt. They are the class of the NFC North right now and are still not getting the respect they deserve. It’s understandable in a way but it’s also disrespectful. Hopefully they use it as motivation and run the table. Tough game in Arizona next week most likely facing Stafford’s former backup QB Drew Stanton as Carson Palmer looks to be out for the season with a torn ACL. It helps but not a lot as Stanton has played well and the Cards defense has been fantastic. Still a long way to go before they carry one of their coaches off the field…

Speaking of the Bills, it was announced that Rogers and the Bills have finally put an end to the dreadful Bills in Toronto Series. This was a failure on so many levels it’s hard to believe. It was initially a ploy to attract NFL attention to Toronto as some morons (see: Paul Godfrey) thought there should be an NFL team here. Here’s the thing they seemed to not understand: the NFL is popular in southern Ontario because it’s not in Toronto. TO see a game, it’s a road trip and a tailgate experience. The city was unwilling to designate large tailgate lots for the Bills game because of by-laws (you know, rules that no one really wants to make official) not allowing open alcohol in parking lots. As someone who has been to numerous American college and NFL games I can tell you that the NFL needs to avoid Canada like the plague. We would never get it right. They understand how to sell an event and how important pre-game and post-game festivities are for sports. In Toronto they want you inside the stadium 2 hours before so you can pay $12 for a tall boy and watch the bloopers on the Jumbotron. The NFL is alive and well and will be as long as it stays out of Toronto.

Ok, last thing and it’s a little douchey but I feel like I have to bring it up. Hot Female Sports Anchors. There needs to be more of them. Not just hot but the ones who know what they’re talking about. When they are on TV it’s like a car accident, you just can’t look away. I noticed that TSN had Kate Beirness and Natasha Staniszewski on together last week and it was captivating. In my opinion, they are the hottest anchor combination in the country (sorry Duthie) and they are also legitimate sportscasters. As much as I enjoy staring at the two of them, they are not the ultimate pairing. For me, that would be an anchor desk consisting of Erin Andrews (FOX) and Crystal Marie Denha (ESPN/Fumble Sports). I’ve included photos of all these lovely ladies below as I’m sure this is something that will never be debated…

top sports



Come on, you can’t possibly think I’m wrong!

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