Monday Ramblings Oct 27, 2014: Lions and Penn State Both Battle Back while the Leafs Put Rask on Display

I was going to wait until Friday but the way the weekend went down I had to drop this in today. First of all, even though it was a HUGE comeback win for the Lions at Wembley yesterday, it was an ugly game. The best part of the game (and clearly the opposite of the “ugly” win) was watching the stunning Laura Wright (opera singer, not soap opera actress) sing God Save the Queen before the game. Here is something to make your eyes happy:

Laura Wright

It was hard to concentrate on football after watching her sing in that dress for three minutes and it may have put me into a good enough mood that I didn’t smash anything during that horrendous first half. Lions go into the bye week at 6-2 and leading the NFC North so all in all it was a great Sunday.

If you didn’t see the ABC College Game of the Week on Saturday night you missed an instant classic. The powerhouse offense that is Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes sauntered into Beaver Stadium and expected (along with everyone else) to run over the young Penn State Nittany Lions. That didn’t happen. OSU took a 17-0 lead into halftime and when they came back onto the field, something happened: PSU woke up. Penn State scored 17 unanswered points and kept the Buckeyes off the scoreboard forcing the game to 2 Overtimes before the Buckeyes closed the deal and won 31-24. It was gut-check time for the entire PSU squad and they answered the call. Even though the loss knocked them to 4-3 (1-3 in Big 10 play) I figure they finish with an 8-4 season again, which leaves them in good shape going into next season when the sanctions are lifted and they get all their scholarships back. Let’s hope coach James Franklin does some heavy recruiting this off-season before they meet the Buckeyes in Columbus next year and I can’t wait to get back to State College to see this rematch in 2 years (and again for the $5 pitchers at Dark Horse).

One thing I couldn’t help but reminisce about during the Bruins beat-down of the Leafs on Saturday is how great of a goalie Tuukka Rask has become. If you remember, the Leafs drafted him 21st overall in 2005 and then traded him to Boston for Andrew Raycroft (who was the Bruins 3rd goalie at the time). The Leafs failed to show patience with a young player (again) so they flipped him for a goalie who was average on his best day and who never performed at a top level for the Leafs. It’s the most painful current reminder of the Leafs ineptness (Seguin looks good but has a long way to go before I would admit the Kessel trade was a true failure) and while I think Bernier is a solid NHL goalie, he has had many issues this season and Reimer is a terrible option. The only way a 1-line team like the Leafs can win is to have a great goalie steal a few games and that is difficult to do when your best goalie is wearing a Bruins jersey and standing in the other net.

Hopefully this is enough of an appetizer to get you to Friday because I will have a few things to say about the NFL and probably more on my new found obsession with Laura Wright.


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