League Minimum – A Screenplay

Remember when sports comedies were not only regular releases by film studios but the most quotable films around? Hell, Kevin Costner appeared in most of them! I still spend a good chunk of my days quoting lines from Bull Durham, Major League, Tin Cup and Varsity Blues.  The sports “dramedy” has remained and while mostly enjoyable (Field of Dreams, Moneyball, The Blind Side) they tend to stay heavier on the drama side and the comedies in recent years have been embarrassingly bad (anyone remember Juwana Mann?)   Finding the right balance of comedy and drama is the key to those earlier films and that is what I set out to do.  As this blog might suggest, two of my great passions are films and sports so a few years ago I was inspired to bring them together and write a screenplay for a sports comedy (unless you don’t laugh and then it’s a dramedy).  The script is called League Minimum and takes place in the world of minor league baseball.  I entered the first draft into a screen-writing contest and made it into the final 100 out of a couple of thousand entries.  I recently completed the final draft (I think) and since I have had no luck so far in shopping it, I thought I would put it out there to share with the inter-web.  Feel free to comment on it whether you think it’s hilarious or the biggest piece of shit you’ve ever read.  I welcome all constructive criticism.

Without further adieu, I present League Minimum, a story about a major Minor Leaguer.  Enjoy.

League Minimum FINAL

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